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What are cookies?

Cookies are little pockets of information that are designed to improve your browsing experience. Some cookies keep you logged into a website, some provide advertisements based on your browsing history and some help the creators of the website to improve its functionality.

Which cookies do we use?

Fact Big Build use a few different sorts of cookies on our website. The descriptions and the functions of each cookie are below.

Session tracking cookies

We use session tracking cookies to remember where you’ve been on our website. Without these cookies, every time you clicked a new page you would be treated as a new user. These cookies expire whenever you leave the website. They do not retain any personally identifiable information.

Cookie name Used for

Just Giving cookies

On our website you can make donations via Just Giving. For this to work, cookies are used to connect with Just Giving.

Cookie name Used for

WordPress cookies

These cookies are only used for visitors logging in to the website. In our case only a handful of users have the required access privileges to log in and manage the website.

Cookie name Used for
wordpress_logged_in* Checks whether or not the current visitor is a logged in user.
wp-settings-{user_id} Persists a user’s wp-admin configuration.
wp_sharing_{id} Tracks whether or not a user has already performed an action.



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