Why the new centre is needed

FACT has proved that people respond to offers of support in gentle, non-clinical environments, and has evidence of increased attendance on programmes offered by FACT away from clinical and hospital settings.  In the last 10 years FACT has moved office twice because the demand for its services is so great and now wants to open the UK’s first cancer support, awareness and education centre in the North East.

FACT knows that by working with the community we will build relationships that will make it easier for people to ask for support if a time comes when they need it.  This is especially the case with children and young people.  They will know us, and they will know what the centre is about.

Every two minutes someone is diagnosed with cancer in the UK, and this statistic increases in the North East.  This means that almost everyone will be affected by cancer at some time in their lives, either by being diagnosed themselves or by a family member being diagnosed.

FACT wants to build the UK’s first Cancer, Support, Awareness, and Education centre here in the North East.  This means that FACT’s new centre has the potential to benefit everyone in the region, and provide an innovative model with the potential to be replicated throughout the UK.  The centre would also provide valuable volunteering, training and employment opportunities for local people and organisations.

FACT is unique.

There is currently no other charity, or organisation, in the region offering support to anyone affected by cancer outside the hospital environment. 

With the new centre, the sky really is the limit in the facilities, services and opportunities FACT can provide for those affected by cancer in the North East.

Fighting All Cancers Together, Denise Robertson House, Clasper Way, Swalwell, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE16 3BE.
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