Alice Wiseman (BA Hons. PG Cert. MPH. FFPH) – Director of Public Health – Gateshead Council

I have worked in a broad range of senior roles in public health over the past 15 years. Prior to working in Public Health I worked as a Primary School teacher at an inner-City Newcastle school.

I have been the Director of Public Health in Gateshead since May 2016 and registered with the UK Public Health Register since December 2009.

I am passionate about improving health and well-being with a strong focus on tackling inequalities through action on the social determinants of health.

My desire to tackle inequalities was shaped by the earlier part of my career in social policy and education. I find it completely unacceptable that two babies, born on the same day in Gateshead, can have as much as a 10-year difference in life-expectancy due entirely to the circumstances into which they are born.

My approach is rooted in the belief that it is the people living in the communities most affected by disadvantage who have the knowledge, skills and expertise to design solutions for the challenges they face.

Why I got involved with FACT?

In the North East we are lucky to boast some of the best NHS services in the country but a journey through a cancer diagnosis presents many more challenges than just the clinical issues.

Most of us, sadly, will be touched by cancer. In 2000 I lost my dad, aged only 54 years, to lung cancer. As a family this period was a real challenge and if FACT had been available then I think it would have helped make a difficult time a bit easier.

FACT complements the clinical care with the social support that aims to improve the well-being of people, and their families, affected by cancer. The service they offer is flexible, individually tailored and of exceptional quality.

I am committed to working with FACT as I believe they provide an invaluable service that helps people have the best quality of life that they can.

In addition to the direct work with families FACT also offer a vital role in educating people to help prevent cancer as well as identify it early where that is necessary.

Fighting All Cancers Together, Denise Robertson House, Clasper Way, Swalwell, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE16 3BE.
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